Forms of support for students include graduate teaching associateships (GTA); graduate research associates (GRA); and fellowships that are available on a competitive basis from departments, colleges, and the Graduate School. Students who are awarded a GRA, GTA, or fellowship administered by a department or college should adhere to the specific terms and agreements imposed by the supporting advisor or unit. Students should consult their advisor or the Graduate Studies Chair of the Department in which they are housed.

The Graduate Studies Committee of OSUN is responsible for nominating students for Graduate School Fellowships. This includes first year recruitment Fellowships and dissertation or Presidential Fellowships. OSUN has been very successful in their nominations for these awards and works closely with the student to submit a successful nomination.

For more information on University or National awards administered by the Graduate School, visit the OSU Graduate School webpage for funding opportunities.

Other fellowships or scholarships might be available through the student’s respective society or through OSU’s Office of Research ( Fellowships awarded by an extramural agency are not necessarily coupled with an automatic fee authorization however the Graduate School has a Matching Tuition and Fee award that may be coupled with external funding.