Registration & Scheduling

The rules of the OSUN program with respect to registration, scheduling, course load, and changes in schedule are the same as those stated in the Graduate School Handbook. As student may not enroll in more than 18 credit hours per semester or 8 credit hours per summer session or 4 credit hours in May session, including audited courses without advisor and Graduate School approval

Graduate fellows regardless of the source of funds, must register for 12 credit hours per semester, except for summer session when the minimum is 6 hours.

 Graduate Associates with a 50 percent or greater appointment must sign up for a minimum of 8 credits per semester, except for summer term, when the miminum is 4 credit hours. 

Post-candidacy doctoral students must register for three credit hours per semester and summer session.

Continuous enrollment policy states that all students admitted to the Graduate School autumn quarter 2008 and after and who have successfully completed the doctoral candidacy exam will be required to enroll every quarter (summer excluded) until graduation.

OSUN students not receiving compensation in the form of a GRA, GTA, or fellowship are still expected to enroll in a minimum of 3 credit hours per semester or for the standard of their advisor’s department, if a minimum enrollment is dictated. International students must register for at least 8 credit hours per semester unless they hold graduate associateships or a fellowship, in which case the rules for the appointment apply.

The Master Schedule of Classes, published on a semester basis by the University Registrar, contains detailed instructions and deadlines for registration. It is available on the Web at Registration material is sent to new students after they have accepted admission. Students admitted immediately before the semester begins can obtain registration material at the Graduate School. Students must register using the online system. You will be assigned a date and time that you may begin to register (this will be sent by e-mail from the registrar’s office). Students bear full responsibility for any problems that arise from failure to consult with their advisor or from failure to follow the advisor’s recommendations. If it is necessary to drop or add a course at some point during the semester, students should consult both the Master Schedule of Classes for add/drop deadlines and the faculty advisor.

The OSUN program office maintains a file on each student. The file contains all application materials; a record of the student’s academic performance at The Ohio State University; copies of the approved course schedule; and copies of all official correspondence and forms to, from, or about the student from the advisor, the GSC, the department, the Graduate School, or other faculty members and administrative units of the university.