Research Proposal

Prior to the written portion of the Candidacy Exam, the student must prepare a proposal that includes the hypothesis and the specific aims of the proposed research, the design of the proposed studies to be performed, and the methodology to be used. The proposal should also include an introduction to the research problem, a literature review, and preliminary data in support of the hypothesis to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed research. The advisory committee should meet to discuss the proposed research and the student’s plan of study prior to the Candidacy Exam. At the end of the meeting, committee members should briefly summarize their comments on the OSUN Research Proposal Approval Form and sign the form, signifying that the proposal is approved with whatever stipulations the committee members devise. Also, the plan of study should be signed by the advisor with an indication of approval by the entire committee. A copy of the signed proposal approval form (attached with a copy of the proposal) and a copy of the signed plan of study will be filed with the director of OSUN. Should the committee decide that the student’s performance failed to meet its expectation, the student is expected to schedule a second defense within six months of the failed defense of the proposal. Failure to pass the second defense of the proposal will result in dismissal from the program.