Selection & Role of Advisory Committee

Within the first year of the doctoral program, an advisory committee is expected to be selected by the advisor and student. It will then be submitted to the director or associate director of OSUN for approval by the GSC. The advisory committee should include at least three faculty members in addition to the advisor. Two faculty members must be within OSUN, while the third can be outside OSUN. One faculty member should be from a department different from the home department of the advisor. Advisory committee members may be Graduate Category M or P. The advisory committee serves to:

  1. approve the student’s planned program of study;
  2. consult on early progress in research; and
  3. participate on the student’s proposal approval and Candidacy Examination Committee.

All students must have their thesis proposal and planned program of study approved by their advisory committee prior to the director’s signature on the Graduate School’s “Notification of a Candidacy Examination” form. Advisory committee members can be changed upon approval by the director or associate director but without petition by the Graduate School prior to submission of this form.