Faculty Spotlight

Pictured L-R  Dr. Firkins, sons, Mark, Steve, and Phil (all dressed in gray)

We would like to thank Dr. Jeff Firkins for serving OSUN as Director for the past 8 years.

 Dr. Firkins has served multiple terms as a journal editor, panelist and manager of USDA competitive grants, and on numerous planning committees for international conferences in gut microbiology and ruminant physiology. He has published more than 250 articles, including more than 100 refereed journal articles plus numerous invited reviews and book chapters. He was awarded the ADSA Nutrition Professionals Applied Dairy Nutrition Award in 2003 and the ADSA AFIA Dairy Nutrition Research Award in 2012. He is serving on the committee for the 8th Edition of the Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle.  Firkins has advised 13 Ph.D. and 9 M.S. students and served on at least 125 committees, including 5 international doctoral candidates. He teaches nutrition classes in the Department of Animal Sciences and the interdisciplinary nutrition program at OSU. In his spare time, he enjoys sports, history, gardening, camping, and family activities (including 2 sons’ weddings this summer).