Membership in OSUN

Graduate Faculty Membership

Criteria for membership of faculty members who are eligible for current Category M or P status include graduate training in nutrition science or a related area, membership in at least one nationally recognized professional organization related to publishing nutrition research, and the development of an active research program in nutrition as evidenced by publications and funding. Admission to the OSUN Graduate Program is by nomination of an individual from an OSUN faculty member, submission of a CV, and statement for the basis of their nomination. The OSUN Graduate Studies Committee will then review materials and vote on admission into OSUN (majority vote). Category P graduate faculty can serve as an advisor for OSUN doctoral students. Category M graduate faculty may serve on doctoral examination and advisory committees. Category M graduate faculty may include individuals having adjunct appointments at The Ohio State University or visiting professors. Only faculty members with Category P status are eligible for membership on the Graduate Studies Committee.

Graduate Studies Committee Membership

The OSUN Graduate Program is administered by the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) in accordance with the rules of the Graduate School Handbook ( The GSC is chaired by the director and co-chaired by the associate director. The Coordinating Council of Deans will appoint one faculty member from each of the participating colleges not represented by the director and associate director. OSUN faculty will elect two additional members. Election is by simple majority vote. GSC members must hold Category P status. Terms of elected and appointed members of the committee are three years and faculty may be appointed or elected to a second term.

The GSC oversees and administers the Ph.D. degree program and acts as a liaison between the Graduate School and OSUN graduate faculty. The GSC is responsible for establishing policies and standards of the program, including the following:

  • assisting the director and associate director with recruitment of students and rank ordering of accepted students for the awarding of graduate research associateships;
  • assisting the director and associate director with preparation of materials for nominations of accepted applicants and Ph.D. candidates for University Fellowships;
  • reviewing recommended members of each student’s advisory committee and student or faculty petitions concerning deviations from the operating procedures; and
  • overseeing curriculum requirements, monitoring the content and quality of instruction for all courses that are considered central to the OSUN program, and recommending changes as needed to OSUN faculty.