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Congratulations! Dr. Martha Belury, Carol S. Kennedy Professor of Human Nutrition, Department of Human Sciences has recently been voted chair-elect of the Nutritional Sciences Council of the American Society of Nutrition for 2016 through 2018. Her research focuses on how specific dietary fats and oils impact obesity risk, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mood disorders and certain cancers. Please see the complete story under Faculty Spotlight!

Congratulations to our Fall Semester Graduates:
Dr. Ashley Schmitz - Advisor - Dr. Steve Clinton
Dr. Sara Thomas - Advisor - Dr. Earl Harrison

Also, Congratulations to Deena Snoke (Advisor  - Dr. Martha Belury) on passing her Candidacy Exam.

Please see the SEMINAR page for this semesters seminar calendar.

For information on the Graduate Society of Nutritional Sciences (GSNS) and their events, the graduate student group for students interested in nutrition, please see their Facebook page.