Application Proceedure (Internal Applicants)

Current OSU graduate students who have been admitted into a degree program (e.g., Masters, Ph.D., etc.), paid fees for at least one term, and plan to pursue a separate graduate degree must complete a transfer of graduate program application. Per Graduate School rules, students requesting to transfer must have written acknowledgment from the Graduate Studies Committee in the current (or previous) program (section 2.9). This is accomplished by completing a transfer of graduate program form in GRADFORMS. Once permission is received from the current graduate program, the student will need to complete an online application through the Graduate Admissions website (click here) and select Graduate Intra-University Transfer. Students will have the option to upload a statement of purpose and CV and to request letters of reference.

If the Ph.D. is a continuation of research from a Master’s degree in the same laboratory, one letter of support, including financial support, from the student’s advisor, along with the signatures of two other committee members who are in concurrence, will be sufficient.

If the Ph.D. is not a continuation of research and a different advisor is requested, we require three new letters of recommendation from faculty members familiar with the student’s performance and potential.