Ph.D. Curriculum

The general requirements for the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Nutrition include courses in physiology, advanced nutrition, statistics, and graduate seminar courses.  Students may select additional courses in animal and human nutrition, immunology, cellular and molecular biology, psychology, sociology, and microbiology that will enhance their dissertation research based on their emphasis area.   The advisor and the committee will approve the plan of study before the candidacy exam.



15 Required courses are: 7761 Macronutrients*, 7762 Micronutrients*, 7789 Nutrition Research Ethics, 7790 Animal Models and Mechanistic Research Design OR 7791 Community and Clinical Nutrition Research Design, 7899 Oral Research Communication, and 8835 Grantsmanship.

Students must also take 8801 Advanced Macronutrients and 8802 Advanced Micronutrients OR HN 7804 Advanced Community Nutrition and International Nutrition and 7806 Behavioral Nutrition: Why People Change? depending on emphasis area.

Classes are cross-listed between Human Nutrition and Animal Sciences.

*Students that have the equivalent of 7761 and 7762 from a Master's degree do not need to take this requirement.
2-4 Advanced Nutrition Classes
2 Graduate Physiology
3-7 Advanced Statistics
Recommended courses include Stats 5301 and AS 7000 Applied Biometrics
4-7 Supporting Course Work and Skill Development
 5 Seminar is to be taken every semester except summer
20-25 Research Hours
 8998 is taken precandidacy and 8999 is taken post-candidacy