Graduate Student Resources

Please make sure that forms are turned in a timely manner.  When submitting forms through GRADFORMS, please make sure that they are submitted with enough time for the approval process before the deadlines.  It is also the students responsibility to follow up and make sure forms are approved. 


OSU Nutrition Handbook

New Student Checklist

Advisory Committee approval form

Research Proposal and POS form

All students must have their thesis proposal and planned program of study approved by their advisory committee prior to the director’s signature on the Graduate School’s “Notification of a Candidacy Examination” form. Plan of study and research proposal approval forms, along with a copy of your proposal should be turned in to the Program office.

GRADFORMS and the Graduate School

Graduation Calendar

GA Leave form - This form is to be filled if traveling on University business or personal leave.

Assessment Form for Research Proposal

Assessment Form for Candidacy Exam

Assessment Form for Final Defense

Position Announcements