Travel Grant

Ohio State's Interdisciplinary Ph.D Program in Nutrition is providing a matching travel grant for all students currently enrolled in the Nutrition program (OSUN). Students must present their own results at national or international meetings. This award is applicable for students participating in a virtual meeting and can be put towards registeration fees.  The award amount is $250 per graduate student per calendar year. The advisor is expected to match the award for a total of up to $500. Applications will be submitted to the Program office with a copy of the accepted abstract and application form.

Criteria for award

  1. Students must present their original work

  2. Student rank

  3. Advisor must submit a letter of support matching the OSUN travel grant

Please submit:

  1. A completed application for Graduate Student Travel Grant Award

  2. Invitation and/or registration to speak at the conference including dates and location

  3. Letter from advisor matching OSUN funds up to $250

  4. Copies of abstracts of work to be presented

  5. CV

Submit packet to:

Amanda Hargett
(614) 292-9957

When all applications are received, the OSUN Graduate Studies Committee will meet to review all materials. Award notification will be sent to the student and the advisor within two weeks of receiving the packet. All reimbursement requests will be submitted to the Fiscal Service Center located in the Department of Human Sciences.