Financial Aid

Students admitted to the OSUN program will be awarded a first-year graduate research associateship (GRA) on a competitive basis. Some highly qualified individuals may be awarded University Fellowships. Students can expect continued financial support as long as reasonable progress is being made towards completion of a degree and the student remains in good academic standing.

Students are encouraged to enter the program with a commitment from a particular member of the OSUN faculty to serve as the mentor for dissertation research.  Although the program can help facilitate meetings with potential advisors, the student has primary responsibility for contacting the individual OSUN faculty members and other OSUN students who can help in this decision. Students might ask questions such as:

  1. What projects are available for new students to work on?
  2. Is funding available for these projects?
  3. What is the faculty member’s expectation of graduate students?
  4. How many previous students has the faculty member advised and what is the average length of time it took those students to finish their dissertation work?
  5. What is the current status of graduates for whom the faculty member served as the advisor?

Applications should be submitted as early as possible. Review of applications starts in December and the majority of decisions are made by the end of March.

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